B2B Video Marketing Growth Hacks

What's a growth hack? For B2B companies around the world, it's something that is quickly becoming essential to drive revenue from various channels.

Hear from Casper Rouchmann, Traffic Manager at Templafy, Taylor Ryan, CMO at Valuer.ai and Christoffer Larsen, VP of Marketing at TwentyThree share their tips and tricks, video marketing growth hacks and best practices on how to use video in B2B marketing.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

- How video plays a role in growth hacking
- Real examples, experiments and experiences growth hacking
- Best practices and use-cases of B2B videos
- How to win with video across different channels

About Casper Rouchmann

What happens when you mesh a young digital native, with a strong marketing interest and savvy sales know-how? You get Casper—a growth hacker with a mission. Casper's longtime expertise at a B2B SaaS makes his story of uniting tech toolstacks to support lead generation, for lack of a better word, fascinating!

About Taylor Ryan

Taylor has co-founded 5 startups and is currently the CMO of the venture backed Ai Company – Valuer.ai. Taylor has 12+ years experience with Marketing, SaaS and B2B. He is a published author and contributor to Entrepreneur.com. Taylor is also a mentor and lecturer on Startups and Innovation at University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Business School, Talent Garden, and Google..

About Christoffer Larsen

Christoffer Larsen is the VP of Marketing at TwentyThree, The Video Marketing Platform. Previously, Chris worked in marketing leadership roles at Wunderman and Falcon.io in Copenhagen. With a focus of making a significant revenue impact at global B2B SaaS companies and top digital agencies, he has driven tangible growth through data-focused campaigns and channel optimization.

Christoffer Larsen
VP of Marketing, TwentyThree
Casper Rouchmann
Growth Hacker, Templafy
Taylor Ryan
Chief Marketing Officer, Valuer.ai

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