The Conference Case
All the b-roll is just to cover the cuts. This version is only to evaluate the narrative.
How Beltone uses actions
23 Video’s new Actions feature allows users to share product stories and philosophies while also connecting efforts to the...
Pioneering video marketer, Jyske Bank, chooses TwentyThree
Cleveland, Ohio. September 7, 2016. TwentyThree today announced at Content Marketing World that Jyske Bank, award-winning pioneers of video marketing, have...
Jyske Bank case study
Jyske Bank is a European bank and the iconic case for content marketing. See how Jyske Bank tore up the marketing rulebook, and revolutionised their...
Aarstiderne case story
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Umbraco CodeGarden Case
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Case: How Komfo get ROI on their webinars
In this talk Lisbeth Chawes, Partner Director at Komfo, shares her experience with using video in content marketing through webinars. She also gives us...
Learn more about how Marianne Grimsøen and her colleagues at ISS Norway use video for internal communication and training
Mayday Film on live
"Live isn't only about the event!". René Szcyrbak CEO at Mayday Film flag some of the challenges of communicating live.