Thursday September 15, 2016 04:20 PM Papirhallen, Trangravsvej 5, 1436 Copenhagen K
CopenX - Meet the future - Explore the possibilities and opportunities of Virtual & Augmented Reality. 

CopenX 2016, part of the Copenhagen Tech Fest, is a conference focused on the rise of Virtual and Augmented reality (VR and AR) held at Holmen on September 15-18th. This event is designed for everyone, from serious professionals to novices. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about VR and AR! CopenX 2016 will provide cutting-edge insights into the latest developments in this industry with presentations, workshops and an experience expo with first-movers, major leaders, and opinion-makers in the field.

Why CopenX Now?
We are in the midst of the fourth screen revolution that will replace the final years of enthusiasm around being able to swipe on a screen. 'Touch' is soon going to be replaced with 'Explore.’

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have long been sci-fi dreams and now that development has rapidly advanced, it’s time to take the technology seriously and jump on board with the huge potential, because the train is departing the station. These technologies are going to affect our lives from education to entertainment and the way we interact with one another.