Design Matters 2016

Thursday September 29, 2016 09:32 AM Copenhagen

Design Matters brings together design practitioners from the best and most happening companies around the world for 2 days of talks, discussions, workshops and socializing. 

Each year we address trends and topics that are making a change in digital design and the way we engage with digital products.

Currently, there is a new tone of voice appearing in apps and websites - a relaxed, friendly and joyful attitude towards users, which is changing the way we engage with apps and websites. The new attitude is breaking down borders between users and the interface – and making the experience much more personal, engaging and fun!

It shows when companies like Snapchat, Tinder and BuzzFeed are leading the way for more serious products such as news apps and collaboration tools. It also shows when chatbots and other forms of AI is hitting the market and companies are finding new ways for Virtual Reality to engage their users.

We will hear from top designers that are working with apps, websites and physical products. They will share their stories about how they design experiences that connects, engages and inspires the users, and how they are changing the way users and digital products interact.


We are back with the last talks of Design Matters 2016. First up is Ryan Shafer from MTV

Check out the amazing emoji suggestion wall

Having a short break in the live stream but stay tuned for talks at 12:00pm

Looking forward to the session later today :)

We are back at day two of design matters. First up is Reinoud Bosman Creative Lead at Philips

Next speaker up: Basak Haznedaroglu, design lead at Wunderlist. Basak will discuss the art, design, and science behind humanizing technology

Q&A Time: Are we going to have a job in 20 years?

Running a little behind schedule, but we will be back shortly with Rune Madsen talking about programming design systems

We are talking a short break in the presentations and stream. See you shortly

Before a short break Simon Dogget is on stage doing a talk on the challenges facing modern design teams

Next up is David Bailey from The BBC talking about the global experience language

First up is MailChimp talking about product design