How to Be More Human in Your Webinars

Wednesday October 14, 2020 03:00 PM Europe/Copenhagen

What’s the most challenging part of making webinars? While it can be different for everyone, hosting and speaking are some of the things that we hear the most from our audience.

It can be hard to get over the initial shock and camera shyness, so we’re inviting one of the webinar world’s biggest stars on to talk about how to just be yourself. Together, we’ll reflect on how to connect with a digital audience and why it’s so impactful to be vulnerable when you’re speaking or hosting. 

Join us on the 30th of September for this live webinar where you’ll walk away feeling even more confident in front of the camera:

  • Knowing Your Audience and How to Speak to Them 
  • Leveraging Vulnerability 
  • Being Engaging Even 5.000 Miles Away

So whether you are getting started with webinars or want to get inspired about how to start professionalising your webinars, take part in this live episode and leave with some concrete takeaways.

What is Webinar Wednesdays?

We have set out to change the global mindset surrounding the webinar landscape. In the series Webinar Wednesdays we'll share our journey of how we are creating a webinar program from start to finish. We promise full transparency and share both our successes and our failures along the way. Our aim is to inspire marketers to develop and create more engaging webinar programs and formats. You’ll be hearing from world-class experts — people who have been paving the road of webinars as we see them today.

If there is a certain subject that you would like us to cover, just reach out and let us know! 

Vilhelmiina Mähönen
Webinar Programme Manager, TwentyThree
Vilhelmiina is the Webinar Program Manager at TwentyThree and she has built the entire TwentyThree Webinar Program from scratch. Her work bridges strategy and execution, as she is both conceptualising the formats, sourcing the speakers, creating content and producing the webinars. In addition, she is also the host of the weekly webinar series, Webinar Wednesdays, inspiring thousands of marketeers to succeed with their webinars.
George B. Thomas
Professional Speaker & Inbound Evangelist, Impulse Creative
George B. Thomas is an experienced speaker and trainer who is passionate about inspiring people and organisations to reach a higher potential. His philosophy emphasises being happy, humble, helpful and human and their value in today’s faster and increasingly digital world.

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