Timothy Achumba on risk taking and product at Wunderlist
Timothy Achumba, product designer at Microsoft, is opening up about his professional experience and journey that every designer could relate to. Timothy...
Lifting people out of poverty through digital work
Leila Janah, founder of Sama Group will share her story of creating Sama - not-for-profit organization that seeks to improve the lives of those living below...
OB BIKE - The Optimal Live Stream Companion
Presenting the TwentyThree™ OB BIKE. TwentyThree is the perfect and easiest way to broadcast your live event. Together, we...
How to pitch design to non-designers?
Are you tired of your great design being turned down? Or worse - transformed into a deformed version of itself after 18 iterations? In this workshop you will...
TwentyThree Launch Keynote
Watch the live keynote from our launch event and find out how TwentyThree is helping businesses to make better video marketing.
What is a common denominator for startups like Uber,...
In this talk at #CPHFTW Town Hall #7 Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen will share his journey from Dropbox and Uber to Balderton Capital. Lars became a General Partner...
Kenneth Auchenberg on how the web has changed
Kenneth is not only known for making it easier for all to build for the web. He organizes Coldfront, the front-end conference and he is a co-founder of the...
Dropbox: Collaboration between engineers and a designer
Daniel will walk you trough how he became a design engineer and share some design system failures he met during his work at Dropbox. Daniel Eden is a...
A digital journey at LEGO
In this talk Carsten Brinch Larsen, Director of Digital Product Technology will walk through some of the products and the learnings gathered so far, and a...
TwentyThree going live
Two years of development and a collaboration with over 50 pilot customers all coming together for this launch. The full keynote of TwentyThree Live Launch.