Messaging that Wins - Product Marketing Panel

Wednesday April 26, 2017 03:46 AM
Join us for our April Product Marketing Meetup to learn from product marketers at the world's fastest growing companies about developing Messaging That Wins. You will walk away with actionable tactics and lessons learned to grow your company.

Panel speakers:

- Sam Duboff, Head of Product Marketing at Medium

- Judy Wang, Product Marketing Lead at Slack 

- Kaitlin Yount, Group Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn 

Moderator: Ross Overline, Product Marketing Manager at FiveStars 

Sponsors:Sharebird - TwentyThree - LinkedIn


Kaitlin Yount: "The secret to influencing the product roadmap is to demonstrate that you know the user".

Kaitlin Yount: "To be authentic you need to understand what are the things that are really important to your brand"

Sam Duboff: "The more you can operationalize around the scrappy methods the better."

Sam Duboff "3 key things for great messaging - consistency, focus and resonance" #SFProdMktg

We're live and pumped for the panel to begin shortly - stay tuned!