State of Webinars 2020

Webinars Have been exploding in popularity this year. When physical meetings aren’t an option, it’s essential to be pushing your webinar efforts forward. But before you can plan for where you’re going, it’s good to be able to see where you stand. 

For this, we have run our annual research to be able to paint a clearer picture of the State of Webinars in 2020. Join us for this live webinar where we'll share the full report and discuss the results with top tier webinar experts, so you can easily see how your efforts compare to other organisations.

Why join?

  • Be amongst the very first ones to get the brand new State of Webinars 2020 report
  • Get a deep dive into the key findings, and see how your webinar efforts compare to your peers
  • Get to engage with one of the marketing world's brightest stars, Ann Handley
  • It's an amazing chance to get all your questions answered by top tier webinar experts?

Wether you want to optimise your webinar efforts or are just getting started, don't miss this opportunity to engage with the community and join us for the unveiling of the results!


Thomas Madsen-Mygdal
CEO & Co-Founder, TwentyThree
Steffen Fagerström Christensen
CTO & Co-founder of TwentyThree,
Halle Jarvi
Communications Manager, TwentyThree
Ann Handley
Digital Marketing & Content Expert, MarketingProfs
Ellen Schwartze
Webinar Producer & Programme Manager, Verint
Lasse Høgfeldt
Media & Creative Department Director, Jyske Bank

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