Stop Wasting Your Money on Video

Wednesday December 11, 2019 10:00 AM Europe/Copenhagen

Many businesses invest so much time, energy and money into producing a great piece of video content. But it doesn't matter, if no one sees it. Distributing has never been more important than today. Now you can distribute your videos on social media, embed them in your newsletter, on your website - just to mention a few.

If you want to stop wasting money and make sure you get a high return investment on your next video project, you'll have to attend to this webinar.

- Why you should have a more strategic approach to video
- How to stop wasting money on video content
- Why you should prioritise distribution of video using the owned, earn and paid strategy
- How you can make a video distribution plan
- Get a free copy of guest speakers Simon Banks' book "How to Get Video Right". We will share a link at the end of the webinar to the book, so you will do video right and not wasting your money on video :-)

Simon Banks
Video Strategist, Tallboy Communications
Simon is a video coach and producer. He has successfully delivered 1000's of high-quality video for over 15 years. Simon has more than 30 years experience in the media industries and seen him work for some of the largest TV broadcasters (BBC, ITV, CH4, ZDF, Seven Network and National Geographic) and biggest corporate companies (Morgan Stanley, Roche, Novartis, Tui Travel, UNICEF and Sony). He is also the author of the book "How to Get Video Right", which gives you the essential guidance and resources for making a video strategy.
Casper Noreen Frid
Video Marketing Expert, TwentyThree
Casper is a Video Marketing Strategist working for TwentyThree. With a strategic approach, Casper has helped a lot of Global Enterprises move towards a more people-centric, data-driven approach to their digital setup. This mindset correlates the trends and possibilities of today. In the move from textual to visual approach, this means pushing 'the old ways of doing things', and setting a strategy that makes sense in relation to how people communicate in this day and age. Over the last year, his talks include conferences like OnBrand, The Edge, Komfo Summit, Inbounddagen, Social today, and many others.
Casper Pedersen
Partner Manager, TwentyThree
Casper Pedersen is Partner Manager in TwentyThree. He thinks video is the best way to tell stories and connect humans to brands. But if you want to tell great stories, you need to know your customers better than themselves. The way of doing this is using data to make better informed decisions and use this knowledge to adjust your video strategy.

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