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Wednesday November 16, 2016 03:09 PM


2016 marks our fourth year of hosting incredible technology events in New York. Drawing thousands of the world's technology leaders together to learn and do business, TNW NYC combines carefully curated content with unrivalled opportunities to make connections.

From entrepreneurs to developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers – all of our 5,000 attendees are looking to stay on top of the latest trends, meet their next client or partner, and connect with other people interested in the future of technology, innovation, marketing and imagination. What about you?


Thank you so much for tuning in!

Alexis Ohanian: "The worst day in business is still not that bad"

Last speaker of the night: Alexis Ohanian from Reddit

Congrats to Clean Capital on the win!

We are ready to present the Scale Pitch Finale. See the top pitches right here!

Comic sans!

Dave Mcclure from 500 Startups is taking the stage (slightly jetlagged)

Thank you Katia!

Up shortly is Katia Beauchamp from Birchbox. Welcome back!

Taking a short break from the talks. See you back here at 3:15pm

Robin Chase from Zipcar is up now!

Eleven Kickstarter funded films have been nominated for Oscars!

Coming up next is Yancey Strickler from Kickstarter!

We are back with Leo Widrich from Buffer!

Lunch break: We will keep the stream going and back with speakers at 1:15pm

Cal Henderson from Slack checks his e-mail about once a day!

Cal Henderson from Slack is about to go on stage

Cake on stage!

Dennis Crowley from Foursquare on stage

Piera Gelardi creating badass artwork

Piera Gelardi is getting everyone ready!

Piera Gelardi from Refinery29 is just about to start

We are having a short 10 minute break. Stay tuned for more talks starting with Piera Gelardi from Refinery29

The social sex revolution

Cindy Gallop is ready to talk about love not porn!

"If you are ok with sounding stupid - You will be good at learning a language"

Luis Von Ahn From Duolingo is on the stage

Steve Huffman is being grilled by the host @Boris

First speaker is up: Steve Huffman from Reddit

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Steve Huffman from Reddit is up shortly. Stay tuned

New York is looking great today

Welcome to TNW live event. We will be streaming all day from the Keynote Stage. Enjoy the show!