TwentyThree is going live

Wednesday June 03, 2015 09:46 AM Copenhagen
Two years of development and a collaboration with over 50 pilot customers all coming together for one huge launch. Watch the keynote that introduced a whole new way to go live. 


The crowd are off to enjoy the Live Festival at 23 House - tune in later at 13:00 where you can watch a live stream of some of the stages!

Well done Team 23!... ahem!

And that's it! Thanks for being apart it - and the team are on stage!

Display: The live video aspect has been out of reach for most of our clients before 23 Video

Mayday Film: 23 is presenting a new possibility for live

"All experts in their fields"

Thomas is back on stage - talking about 23's great parters

Aarhus University Hospital: We recently did a live stream from an operation - with huge engagement.

Aarhus University Hospital: It's rather exciting you can just use a phone - we will see all our colleagues take benefits of this in the near future

The Royal Danish Theatre: We want to reach everybody - and want to engage with our customers more

The Swedish Teachers Union: We want to be at the forefront - using 23 Video to go live

Kilroy: It's an easy and simple solution to triple our audience

Thomas now introduces some of our first pilot customers

Empowering all businesses to go live

We are doing something really really big at #23 today. Tune in on to see this live. #amaz #getyoasslive #liveervejenfram #23video #the23house #23

"All of this available today!"

We've gone live - and brought the event online and offline , using the same tools before, during and after

Tools to empower communicators and marketers

"Your audience can sign up directly from the built-in banners"

"We built in a location test directly from 23 Video, and even better send it to an contact who is at the venue"

The audience are live!

"I want you to show you how easy it is to go live from your iPhone"

"Giving a sense of the context of the event - even before it happens"

Co-founder Steffen takes the stage...

So that's live an overview of 23 Video with live - Now Steffen with a Demo!

"The situational UI really captures the before, during and after"

"Gives you the tools to learn and improve"

"Clips allows you to get clips live straight after an event - very simple but very profound"

23 Video comes with all the tools to promote your event: Take over your website with banners and use our built-in social media and e-mail marketing tools for invitations, reminders and follow-up.

Post everything happening to your event page. Images, videos, files, links, quotes and social media responses.

"The event page - It's about the before, during and after an event"

"The barrier is your imagination and craft"

"So far this works on an individual basis - but now this effects businesses"

"Broadcast from anywhere"

"Historically live has been this little player - that is somewhere on a website"

Launching live at TV-byen #23video

"Take your physical events and making them digital - every day"

"Digital hasn't hit events yet!"

"It's naturally human and social - it's a two way medium"

"Today we're in a new era...which is live"

"That's an update on where we are today.... but now live.."

"Video is all about numbers"

"Tools to empower communicators and marketers"

"We now live in a visual world"

Thomas takes the stage.

Only ten minutes to go!

#champagne 10 o'clock #23video #party

You know those kind of people who will go the extra mile to create something out of the ordinary? I work with 32 of those kind of people! #allin #team23 #daybeforelaunch #finaldetails #23video

olander at the peak of his game, its launch time...

The most iconic TV studio of Denmark for 3 decades. We'll be live from here tomorrow.