Webinar Equipment: What You Need to Get Started

Wednesday April 15, 2020 03:00 PM Europe/Copenhagen

Planning your first webinar but not sure what technical equipments you need for running a professional webinar? Or perhaps you’re updating your webinar set-up and are wondering what equipment to invest in?

To talk about this topic, we’ve teamed up with equipment specialist Kevin Boone from CHEQROOM, a smart equipment management company in Belgium. In this webinar you will get to see and hear:

  • How to get started with your technical set-up
  • What technical equipment is really necessary and why
  • How the CHEQROOM webinar set-up looks like
  • How the TwentyThree webinar set-up looks like

So whether you are getting started with webinars or want to fine-tune your technical set-up, tune into this episode and learn everything there is to know about webinar production essentials.

What its Webinar Wednesdays?

We have set out to change the global mindset surrounding the webinar landscape. In the series 'Webinar Wednesdays' we'll share our journey of how we are creating a webinar program from start to end. We promise you full transparency and include both our success stories and failures along the way. Our aim is to inspire marketers to develop and create more engaging webinar programs and  formats. You’ll be hearing from world-class experts, people who have been paving the road of webinars as we see them today.

If there is a certain subject that you would like us to cover, please reach out!

Kevin Boone
Marketer, CHEQROOM
Kevin is a marketer at CHEQROOM. They help companies stay on top of their equipment with smart software. On the side, he has his own video company Grijsfilter where he produces video content for different industries.
Vilhelmiina Mähönen
Webinar Program Manager, TwentyThree
Leading the kick-off of the webinar program at TwentyThree - she has set out to change the global mindset surrounding the webinar landscape.

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